Koné (22) is a musician, producer & songwriter based in Leuven, Belgium. He started playing an old ceramic darbuka his parents brought back from Tunisia when he was 6 years old and never stopped playing different percussion instruments after that. Koné has been exploring the musical landscape by playing for & writing in different bands: fantom, Tragic Eyes , Struggles in Paradise, Majé , Amrita Khan , ozok, …

With his solo project he wants to transform these experiences and all the influences from studying traditional percussion instruments from all over the world into his version of modern pop. By giving his favourite instrument: the handpan a central role in his music and combining it with the sounds of tropical, afro, indian & latin world music he is set on surprising his audience and inspiring them to see the world and themselves in new ways. Think Charlie Puth meets Habib Koité with a good amount of Jacob Collier.

Being really interested in self-development he writes songs with messages relating to mental health, mindset, meditation and manifestation. Koné plays every sound and instrument on his songs. He also does the writing, producing, recording & mixing himself. For his first EP each song will feature a different guest singer.

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